Our Vision

GIS is mainly concerned with – what is there being Inventory, answering the organisation’s questions being Analysis and making predictions being modelling.

Strategic use of GIS improves location intelligence, changing the way a business approaches strategy, tactics, marketing, and operations. Our team are experts at revealing the story within your data — the connections, the blind spots, and the not-so-obvious patterns.

Leveraging the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we combine your data with curated collections of data, perform location analytics, and deliver insights that tune your intuition and help you make confident decisions.

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Rather than invest resources in the technology, data, personnel, and training required for an in-house GIS team, our clients engage Kgothatso Innovations as a “virtual GIS Office.” We offer various levels of engagements that range from fixed-price projects to a monthly retainer for expert GIS services.

When you work with Kgothatso, you gain access to the most creative GIS team in South Africa, working with you collaboratively to grow your business.



Who We Are

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Kgothatso Innovations is a GIS consulting business that provides geospatial consulting services. Kgothatso can meet your needs whether you are looking for GIS outsourcing, GIS services, or need to hire GIS mapping consultants.

As a GIS services company, our GIS consultancy teams can provide an individual GIS consultant for smaller tasks or a team of consultants for large-scale GIS enterprise consulting.

All our GIS specialists, developers, and designers are experienced industry consultants that can assist you with your project and business needs.

We house several market-dominant and market-leading geospatial products in the fields of GIS, business mapping software as well as intelligence tools. Let us use our expertise and technology to save you money and enable you to get the location-based results that will make your organization more efficient.


We provide our clients with turnkey solutions in some of the following areas:

  • GIS Implementation Plan Development
  • Enterprise Database Integration and Implementation
  • Early Warning System Solutions
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations
  • Licensing and Purchasing Guidance
  • Review and Enhancement of existing Business Practices

For public and private organizations that require GIS functionality, but don’t have the necessary technology or trained personnel, Kgothatso will design and implement GIS projects and actively manage and operate projects on our extensive systems to fulfil client information and analysis needs.

GIS is in all sectors, including:

Retail, more: Banking, Insurance, Food, Pharmaceutical, Health, Property Development

Telecoms: Mobile & Fixed

Security & Defence: Law enforcement, Military

Government, local and national.

The government is responsible for services such as housing development. We use our skills and expertise to assist government and state owned entities to plan and see where the gaps are, in terms of service delivery gaps.

Minerals & Energy.

The management of our mineral resources is a spatial business. GIS enables you to monitor your lease boundary thereby encroachment can be dealt with on the onset.


Transport infrastructure plays a huge role in the economy of any developing co

Our Clients

As a GIS player, we believe no client is too big nor too small to work with us to obtain good advantage.

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