Enterprise GIS

Enterprise GIS is an architecture that integrates geospatial data and services and shares them across the organization. It Provides interface for multiuser access to both spatial and non-spatial data. It can also be viewed as an infrastructure that extends and enables existing enterprise systems using geospatial data and services.

The basic idea of an enterprise GIS is to address the needs of departments collectively instead of individually. The development of one comprehensive infrastructure minimizes potential conflicts and misunderstandings and can result in significant cost savings and performance improvements.

It is also important to manage the spatial data in Enterprise GIS. For this purpose, we have the relational database systems such as Geodatabase, SDE Layer that have security, multiple concurrent user access, spatial indexers that helps in providing an Enterprise feature.

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Benefits of Enterprise GIS are:

  • Total Project mission planning
  • Field GCP Survey
  • Photogrammetric Scanning
  • Preparation of map
  • Geo-referencing
  • Mosaicking
  • Aero-triangulation
  • Digital Surface Model Compilation
  • DEM/DTM Compilation
  • Digital Orthophotos
  • Complete project development services

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