Maps can tell the story, your spreadsheets can’t

Maps can tell the story, your spreadsheets can’t. At Kgothatso we understand that What you need is a way to find the trends hidden in the jumble of spreadsheets and databases you use every day and to see the story they are telling.

Using our industry leading Geo-Analytics, we help unlock the trends hidden in your data and give you the tools to understand how Geography impacts your business as well as visualise those hidden patterns, for example, we can help you spot geographic trends, know exactly where your opportunities are (be it customers, assets or natural resources) and find over and under-served areas. Ultimately helping you allocate your resources effectively and making business savvy decisions on the fly, giving you greater flexibility and enhanced cost saving.

black and silver dslr cameras on map

Kgothatso also utilises powerful location intelligence tools to give your business insight into the geographic relationships in your data. We provide a myriad of mapping services including but in no way limited to:

  • Hydrology Maps
  • Environmental Sensitivity Maps
  • Locality Maps
  • Proximity Analysis
  • Visual Impact Analysis
  • Elevation & Terrain Maps
  • Geology Maps
  • Land Use Maps